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Erin Mills Optimum Health is a true Wellness Centre with five professions working together to provide the optimum health experience. Our clinic, which has been continually enhancing and expanding since 1977, has 4 Doctors of Chiropractic, 3 Naturopathic Doctors, a Chiropodist/Foot Doctor, 3 Registered Massage Therapists and a Reflexologist...

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Chiropractors are specially trained to locate and correct spinal nerve stress (also known as...

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Chiropody at Erin Mills Optimum Health can offer you and your family complete care of your feet related...

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Naturopathy is the art and science of disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention using the healing power...

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy provides an alternative health option to help alleviate the soft tissue discomfort...

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Reflexology is a type of rehabilitation that mainly deals with the many “reflex points” found in the feet...

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what people say

  • "Dear Callum, On behalf of CDI College students thank you for sharing your expertise with us. We wish to express how much we appreciate your time and involvement. Thank You"

  • "I first began seeing a Chiropractor because I was suffering from headaches.  Before I started treatments, I was not sure if Chiropractic was for me, but I thought I..."

  • "I was involved in car accident several years ago. My M.D. prescribed painkillers and rest for me. After about a month of doing that and my back still severely paining me, a..."

  • " I recommend to everyone I know to come and visit Dr. Peever because he helped my husband and myself. Our lives changed for good when we met him. "

    Giselle S.
  • " "I just want to express how fortunate I feel to be a patient of Kiran. He's super attentive, vastly knowledgeable and has a tremendous spirit. His whole body..."

    Tanya G.
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News and Events

  • Webinar – Physical Medicine During Labour...

     Live Webinar – Physical Medicine During Labour and Delivery August 4th, 2015 at 2pm EST through the Birth Institute. This is a recent project that Dr. Mai Heath is working on with the Birth Institute.  Here is a link to a…

  • Welcome Dr. Mai Heath at Erin Mills Optimum Health

    We are excited to announce that our team is growing again! Dr. Mai Heath, Naturopath and Birth Doula, will be joining our Erin Mills Optimum Health Team in Mississauga! Welcome to our team Dr. Mai!

  • Health Fair In Mississauga

    We had a Chiropodist, Naturopath, and Chiropractor represent us at the event.   We were very impressed with the employees at the Mississauga Kubra location.  The culture at the office was positive, friendly, curious, and interested.  They had great questions…

  • Naturopathic Medicine Week in Mississauga

    May 11-17 is Naturopathic Medicine Week If you are curious about how Naturopathic Medicine can help you, connect to one of our Naturopathic doctors in Mississauga for a complimentary consulatation during Naturopathic Medicine Week (May 11-17th, 2015). Our mississauga naturopathic…

  • Pregnancy Wisdom Naturopathic Solutions Event...

    PREGNANCY WISDOM…. NATUROPATHIC  SOLUTIONS FOR KEEPING MAMA AND BABY IN OPTIMAL HEALTH JOIN US ON May 12th 2015 at 7pm Dr. Kirsten Almon & Dr. Aisling Lanigan will be discussing: Best foods to eat in each trimester Solutions for pregnancy related…

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  • Patient presented with a painful ingrown toenail

    Patient presented with a painful ingrown toenail By Kiran Dave, D.Ch, Chiropodist / Foot Specialist There are many unnecessary and painful conditions related to the great toe or lesser toes, which can be avoided with some simple sound advice, professional…

  • Epilepsy Seizure Disorders Chiropractic

    Epilepsy / Seizure Disorders and Chiropractic Below is an exciting research article which gives hope to parents with kids who have epilepsy or seizure disorders. Medically, there are many pharmacological and invasive strategies to attempt to reduce the episodes – -…

  • A Determined Chiropractor Heals His Patient With...

    A Determined Chiropractor Heals His Patient With Extreme Kyphosis And Dead Leg This video was sent to our Mississauga Chiropractors from a patient. It is great video story of a young patients Chiropractic journey from disability and pain to standing…

  • Q and A from a postpartum doula in mississauga

    Questions and Answers from a Postpartum Doula in Mississauga Q: Why is it good to have a Postpartum Doula? A: Postpartum Doulas help to ease the transition of having a new life in the home. With respect to sleep, eat,…

  • Hacking the Nervous System Vagus Nerve

    Hacking the Nervous System At the bottom of this post is a recent article that had a great discussion regarding the impact that the vagus nerve has on the body and health. It even goes through vagal tone and the original… Read More

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