Chronic Pain

12 May

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects your life and everything you do.  

Not only does it cause disability and greatly affect what you want to do with your life – it can even have a negative impact on your brain.

How does chronic pain affect the brain?

In a state of prolonged pain the brain has difficulty focusing, learning, and growing.

In this same state the brain will also be more irritable, frustrated, and angry.

This state will cause an inability to adapt to life’s events and continuously lead to a worsening state of health.

The amount of “negative” or “painful” information flooding the brain is referred to as nociceptive input.  Nociceptive input from the body through the nervous system puts the brain in a stressed state called a sympathetic state.  In a sympathetic or stressed state your body is not healing!  This is very bad in the long term for the body and the brain and has been shown to shrink the brain!

Here is a 2004 clinical study showing that Chronic pain shrinks the brain: The Brain in Chronic CRPS Pain: Abnormal Gray-White Matter Interactions in Emotional and Autonomic Regions

Chronic Pain = a Shrinking Brain

chronic pain and the brain example

Once you realize that this is happening it is imperative that all efforts are made to counteract the shrinking brain!  As a Chiropractor I work with countless people in chronic pain and help them work towards healing, function, and growing their brains.

Here is a PDF information article on prolonged pain and its impact on the brain.  Chronic Pain Affects the Brain PDF.

Can Chiropractic help with chronic pain?

Chiropractic care has so much to offer people suffering with chronic pain.

It directly addresses the mechanics of how the body moves with natural means, lessening the negative compounding impact of numbing drugs or chemicals (chemicals can also shrink the brain).

Also, when Chiropractic adjustments help to get the spine moving it sends positive feedback to the brain through the nerves, which competes with the negative pain the brain is so accustomed to.

The brain needs this positive input in order the grow, change, adapt, and heal.

Once you get the momentum moving in the proper direction away from ill-health, people are constantly amazed at how much sweeter life is.

If you know anyone that is suffering with pain, help them start making action steps towards better health with Chiropractic Now.  Their body and brain depend on it.

Here to help you work away from chronic pain and a shrinking brain,

Dr. Callum Peever – Chiropractor in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health

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