Core Stabilization – Foundation of a Healthy Lower Back

4 Jul

Core Stabilization

We often hear our doctors, therapists, and trainers discuss core stabilization and how integral it is for the function and health of our bodies, especially for our lower backs.


What is core stabilization?

Core stabilization refers to your ability to keep your core structure (torso, abdomen, and spine) relatively stable as the skeleton (legs, arms, and connecting structures) is recruited to do physical work like walking, running, throwing, and lifting.

Why is it important?

Research reveals patients with lower back pain have delayed or insufficient firing patterns of the transversus abdominis muscles compared to control groups with no back pain. Although researchers admit it does not prove this muscle delay causes lower back pain, their findings clearly identify a relationship between core stabilization and lumbar spine symptoms. Results from these studies show that by increasing the activation of the core stabilizers, primarily the transversus abdominis, back pain may be reduced or prevented.

Although a consultation with your Chiropractor is your best bet for a speedy recovery from acute low back pain, it looks like an abdominal contraction-a-day can really help keep the long-term pain away!

Ask your Chiropractor to recommend the best core-strengthening exercise for you.

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Core Stabilization Exercises for Back Pain

 Here is an instructional video from the Ontario Chiropractic Association regarding core stabilization exercises to help you recover through back pain.  They are taught by a yoga instructor Irina Andreea.  She discusses back pain and core stabilization exercises including the bird dog, back bridge, plank, and side plank.  Discuss with your Chiropractor regarding if these core exercises are a good idea for your back health.

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