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What is Arthritis and How Does it Affect You?

Arthritis can affect you greatly and there are things that you can do to continue living your life well

We help people with various forms of arthritis at our health office in Mississauga daily. At Erin Mills Optimum Health we address the problem from multiple angles. The Chiropractors address is from the top-down, the Chiropodist from the bottom-up, the Naturopaths from what you are doing from the outside-in, all for the purpose of inspiring your body to be the best from the Inside-Out.

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Dr. Ken Peever and Dr. Callum Peever speaking on Arthritis in 2017

Dr. Ken Peever speaking on Arthritis in 2017 in Mississauga

Dr. Ken Peever and Dr. Callum Peever speaking on Arthritis in 2017 in Mississauga
Dr. Ken Peever and Dr. Callum Peever speaking on Arthritis in 2017

The physical causes of arthritis are essentially improper mechanics over time combined with injury.  The chiropractors at our office are highly trained at helping you reduce your improper mechanics to help your joints move better.  A large part of this is the body awareness that comes with regular adjustments.  Proper maintenance doesn’t just extend the life of your car – but can greatly extend the life in your joints.

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The chemical irritants of arthritis are typically linked to chronic inflammation throughout the body and joints.

Erin Mills Optimum Health have the team ready to address your arthritis and to educate you along the way.

Our Mississauga Naturopath discusses arthritis from her perspective:

Is pain interfering with your golf game? Weekly trips to the gym? or your sleep?

Osteoarthritis can affect all joints including the spine. Most if not all of the medications for pain interfere negatively with the liver and are only a temporary solution.

As a Naturopathic Doctor,  I like to recommend foods, supplements, herbs and other treatments that not only help the joint, but also help maximize the health of the individual.

Sample question:
“What can i do to help the pain and mobility of my hip? Every time I walk, I am limping. My x-ray shows that I am developing arthritis. I take over the counter pain medication but it only helps about 40%.”

1. Diet:

Let food be your medicine! Start eliminating inflammatory foods such as nightshade vegetables, wheat, cow dairy, red meat, white sugar. This can make a significant impact to your joints and help decrease inflammation in your body

2. Acupuncture:

I have patients come in for acupuncture–as they leave the treatment room after their visit, they notoriously comment that they are walking better or feel better.
Here is a study showing that acupuncture helps with pain.

3. Joint supportive formula

There are many glucosamine / chondroitin formulas out there- some are good quality and some are not. I tell patients that if they feel no difference from taking a formula after 2 weeks, then it is just not effective for them.

There are many herbs and other agents that can help. Boswellia and turmeric are 2 herbs that can work very well.

Keep moving! Pain medications are not the solution- dig deeper to get the most healthy option for your entire body.


The newsletter pdf on Arthritis addresses some of these points:

Arthritis is defined as inflammation of a joint, usually accompanied by pain, redness over a joint, swelling, and stiffness and decreased range of motion. As a joint disorder arthritis can affect anybody at any age.

There are many underlying causes of arthritis:

-Inflammation due to trauma, ligament or tendon attachment arthritis, crystalline deposit arthritis, joint infection, cartilage degeneration, and/or muscle inflammation.

Read the attachment to learn more…