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Constipation in Infants – The Chiropractic Approach

Constipation in Infants – The Chiropractic Approach

Constipation in infants is a distressing time for the infant and the mother. We see this situation occur often at our chiropractic wellness center in Mississauga in infants from days old to months old. The mother has usually tried numerous methods of encouraging the baby to have a bowel movement, up to and including laxatives. In Chiropractic, we take a natural approach towards infant constipation relief.

The Chiropractic approach towards helping an infant that is experiencing constipation is to simply check the spine and nerve system for subluxations that can be interfering with the brain-gut connection. The process of checking an infant is very gentle and involves:

  • comparing the baby’s posture as he/she is lying, sitting, and being held by the mother (or father)
  • lightly touching the spine
  • visually inspecting the butt crease for asymmetry

If an infant is subluxated, they regularly have difficulty being regular with their bowel movements. When an infant is not subluxated, they have a better ability to function – including their gut.

How does a chiropractor check and adjust a baby’s spine?

If an infant is subluxated at an area of their spine, a gentle and specific chiropractic adjustment can be made. The adjustment is usually a finger contact at points in the baby’s spine or pelvis with a light pressure that is similar to the pressure that you would comfortably place on your own eyeball – very light. An activator adjusting instrument can also be used to do the specific chiropractic adjustment and has specific force levels that are adjusted to an infant setting.

Where can I read more about chiropractic adjusting for children and infants?

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association is an amazing organization which focuses on advancing the family wellness lifestyle. Check out their website at http://icpa4kids.org/

Here is some research regarding constipation in infants being positively impacted with the help of chiropractic adjustments of subluxations beyond what we have experienced in our own children and our patients’ children:


In your Mississauga Chiropractic wellness office are you able to check children?

We are able to check and adjust children at our chiropractic office in Mississauga.  Definitely connect to our wellness office in Mississauga to have your baby checked if experiencing uncomfortable constipation.  It may be as simple as having a subluxation that is preventing the proper coordination of the gut.  Babys need chiropractic too!

Conveniently, we also have excellent Naturopathic practitioners at our wellness office that will help you address the impact that the environmental factors are having on your baby’s ability to process in their gut. The Naturopathic approach to addressing constipation in infants is to support the body’s natural healing ability by addressing the outside factors that impact the baby. These can include many things, such as foods or chemicals the baby is exposed to directly or indirectly from the mother through breast milk. Our Chiropractors will help you connect directly to the Naturopaths to make it an easy experience at our office. Definitely contact us in Mississauga if you have any questions.


Resolution of Chronic Constipation in a 5-year-old Female Following Chiropractic Care

The above research article is from 2017 and highlights the improvements of a young girl who suffered with chronic constipation.  Here are some of my favourite excerpts from the study:

“The patient was a 5-year-old female of Caucasian decent who
presented to the doctor’s office with complaints of
constipation, bloating, and abdominal pain since six months of
age, as reported by the patient’s mother. Both the patient and
her mother report the patient experiences these symptoms on a
daily basis and experienced little to no relief from the use
laxatives, oils, and high fiber diets as prescribed by her
medical doctor. ”

“At visit number 12, the patient was no longer complaining of
abdominal pain, and the patient’s mother reported an improvement in the patient’s demeanor in addition to her reports of
the patient’s normal bowel function.”

“The Diversified chiropractic technique is considered the most
general technique, as it uses a wide variety of assessment methods as well as multiple adjusting methods.”

“Diversified Technique practitioners also utilize both high and low velocity adjustments, and may also use adjusting tools and drop tables to deliver the adjustment depending on the unique situation of each patient. The Diversified Technique is considered a full
spine technique, and assessment and correction are not
restricted to one area of the spine.”

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