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Ovarian Reserve and Fertility

Ovarian Reserve and Fertility

Is it taking too long for you to get pregnant but you don’t understand why?  Ovarian reserve is one assessment that can be done when other causes of infertility have been ruled out.
By testing FSH and AMH levels, this can give a good idea of what a woman is working with in terms of her supply of oocytes. The numbers steadily decline as women age.
Whether or not the numbers are average or low, our Mississauga Naturopathic Doctors can provide a plan to optimize the quality of the eggs therefore improving chances of conception and health baby to term.
Reduced egg quality can be due to smoking, endometriosis, pelvic radiation, chemotherapy and exposure to chemicals.
By supporting mitochondrial function and flooding the body in antioxidants and sometimes even doing a liver cleanse can help to optimize the ovarian reserve.
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Exciting findings with fertility and CoQ10

Exciting findings with fertility and CoQ10

This article highlights that the lack of Coenzyme Q10 can negatively affect egg production and therefore decrease the ability to conceive.
See article below:
Coenzyme Q10 restores oocyte mitochondrial function and fertility during reproductive aging

Coq10 can be found in the following foods:

  • Organ meats
  • mackerel
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • cauliflower

If one is to eat organ meats or spinach please make sure they’re organic. It is great to include a variety of these foods in your diet, however often supplementation is required.

Our Naturopathic Doctors in Mississauga will be able to assess your lifestyle, history and current hormonal status to help you determine how much CoQ10 you may require to enhance your fertility.
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Fertility 101 from Mississauga Natural Health Clinic

Fertility 101 – Natural Health information from your Mississauga Health Clinic

Below is lots of information regarding fertility and infertility from our natural health professionals in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health.  I hope you learn lots that you can apply to your life.  If you need help implementing the information, don’t hesitate to contact us in Mississauga.

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Fertility and IV vitamin therapy in Mississauga

Fertility and IV vitamin therapy

Trying to get pregnant and need a fresh approach?
IV vitamin therapy or infusions are the most direct way of delivering nutrients right to the cells of your body. Sometimes due to various conditions such as celiac disease or malabsorption syndromes, the body is deficient in important nutrients that are essential for fertility.
Deficiencies can also occur on individuals who engage in high intensity training or sport.
Both men and women can benefit from this treatment.
Here is an article from Huffington post:

Why Vitamin Infusions Are Revolutionising The Field Of Pregnancy And Fertility

For more information on fertility or pregnancy or IV vitamin therapy and how you could benefit please contact us today or read more from our Mississauga health professionals here:
Fertility 101
IV Therapy

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Planning On Having A Baby?

Planning On Having A Baby?

Here are the top 6 tips for preparing your body for pregnancy:

1. Assessment: Blood work, salivary hormone testing and hair analysis can assess your overall health and heavy metal load. If heavy metals are detected or hormones are out of balance, our ND’s can discuss strategies on how to avoid these and cleanse them from the body.

2. “Clean house”: doing a cleanse can help support your body’s detoxification of toxins from foreign hormones, pesticide residues and pollutants which can all interfere with optimal fertility.

3.  When do I ovulate? Checking cervical mucus (CM) is a cheap and easy way of determining when you are most fertile. CM should be clear and stretchy–if not, we can investigate why and what to do about it.

4. Nutrition: Make sure you are on the right kind and are taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals with special attention to zinc and folic acid. Women should be on folic acid for at least 3 months before trying to conceive. Both men and women should be taking proper supplements to prepare their bodies. Let our Naturopathic Doctors suggest the best prenatal for you.

5. Sleep: Are you getting enough? Not having adequate sleep interferes with hormones that can affect fertility.

6. Acupuncture: studies continue to show how effective acupuncture can be to improve fertility at particular times in a woman’s cycle. Acupuncture can also decrease stress hormones that can interfere with ovulation.

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Preconception Cleanse Naturopathic

Preconception Cleanse guidance from our Mississauga Naturopathic Doctor

One important recommendation for patients interested in becoming pregnant, is to do some preconception preparation.  As a Naturopathic practictioner, I highly recommend a focus on cleansing and informing yourself about which vitamins and minerals are the most important to take when preparing to conceive.

There are many factors that can cause fertility to be compromised:

  • heavy metals
  • previous exposure to solvents and or petrochemicals
  • pesticides
  • cigarette smoke
  • past use of hormones (birth control pill)
  • poor diet
  • alcohol

Why do a preconception cleanse?

By you and your partner undergoing a preconception cleanse to improve your wellness it can help you improve the following;

  • Sperm count and quality
  • Circulation to the uterus
  • Benefit the liver and regulate hormones
  • Egg quality

What is a preconception cleanse?

A preconception cleanse consists of:

  • following an anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic diet along with taking herbs that aid the liver in detoxification.
  • Added to this are herbs or homeopathic remedies that tonify the uterus.
  • Castor oils packs can also be implemented (just not during the menstrual flow).
  • Foods should be as close to 100% certified organic as possible
  • and any meats or chicken should be hormone free and organic.

How do I know if I need a preconception cleanse?

A preconception cleanse is a great idea for anyone thinking of becoming pregnant in the future. The earlier you start the better as it takes time for your body to move towards a healthier state of wellness and fertility. The effort you put into your health and wellness will be past along to your baby son or daughter as they begin their life in your womb.

The menstrual period is a wonderful indicator of improvement in the uterus- menstrual pains diminish or are eliminated and period flow is bright red and free of clots. Most people feel their energy soars after doing this cleanse. Sleep and skin health are a nice positive side effect as well.

What to do if I want to start a preconception cleanse?

If you are someone you know is thinking of having a child please forward this information along to them. We are happy to assist and guide them in their journey to conception at our naturopathic wellness centre!  Contact our office to start your preconception cleanse.

Kirsten Almon ND