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Being Present

Master being present in your life.

We are too often focused on the future – What we want and who we want to become.

Make an effort to master being present – Focus on now and appreciate life as it happens.

I make an effort to do this with my patients when I work with them. I try to focus all my energy towards them, their unique situation, and how I can help them the best through my Chiropractic adjusting skills. The clinical result and experience is incredible when I succeed with my effort and I continuously try to grow and master this skill.

I am making a direct effort to master being present with a new baby in my life. It is the perfect chance for me to appreciate the beauty of life in the moment.

I want you to begin mastering being present in your life. It does take effort, especially with all the distractions in our technological lives. However I do believe your work, relationships, and life will be heightened with your effort to master being present in your life.


Dr. Callum Peever

also posted at www.drpeever.com

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