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As a health and wellness clinic in Mississauga we often work with patients who suffer with fibromyalgia.  The condition can be very painful and debilitating if steps are not taken to learn how to function with it and move forward in spite of it.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome characterized by widespread, migrating, and frequently debilitating pain and fatigue.  The medical rheumatologists determine the diagnosis through a series of criteria:

  • Chronic, widespread pain in each of the four quadrants (above and below the waist, bilaterally, in the axial skeleton) that has been present for at least 3 months
  • Pain elicited upon palpation of less than four kilograms of pressure in a least 11 of 18 tender points

Patients with fibromyalgia often times experience stiffness, fatigue, numbness, migraines, tension headaches, IBS, TMJ problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety, depression, fog, sleep problems, and have difficulty with exercise.

What is the cause of Fibromyalgia?

“Fibromyalgia is a complicated condition that likely has more
than one single cause, although recent data tends to support
the notion that the primary cause is a breakdown in the normal
function of the central nervous system (CNS) and the
abnormal pain amplification experienced by patients tend to
occur at the level of the spine, not of the peripheral tissues.1,4
This is important in considering its clinical application with
chiropractic care. In regards to pain processing, perception of
pain involves an ascending and descending neural pathway.
Peripheral nerves send information to the brain via the spinal
cord (ascending) for processing and the brain relays the
appropriate response back down the spinal cord, out the
peripheral nerves (descending). In patients with fibromyalgia,
these two pathways have been shown to operate abnormally.1,6”

The above excerpt is from:

Resolution of Chronic Fibromyalgia and Improved Spinal Curves Following Correction of an Atlas Subluxation: A Case Report & Selective Review of the Literature


What is the medical treatment of Fibromyalgia?

Patient suffering with fibromyalgia are often in such bad pain that the medical system initially aims at addressing the pain levels through use of painkillers.  Unfortunately:

“The American Pain Society cautions against the use of opioids, corticosteroids, nonsteroidal anti inflammatories, benzodiazepines, and tender or trigger point injections for the treatment of fibromyalgia due to a lack of evidence of efficiency.”

If not pain killers, how do you survive with Fibromyalgia?

“…more than 90% of patients also seek alternative therapies on their own accord and report a strong preference for non-pharmacological treatment options.”

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, a huge aspect of helping a patient suffering with fibromyalgia is to help them to learn to function with it and to improve in spite of it.

These are some main points I think of when helping a patient learn about Fibromyalgia and how to move forward with it:

By understanding these points, it can help a person make action steps to improve health and function in spite of fibromyalgia pains.  Chiropractors are experts at helping patients implement strategies to address to points, but ultimately the person experiencing the fibromyalgia pains has to master the understanding of them to live at their best.

  1. The brain is the most important part of our body and allows us to feal, function, adapt to the environment, move, and live.
  2. The spine allows us to move about against gravity, has muscular attachments, but ultimately it protects the spinal cord from injury.
  3. The brain can only respond to the information it receives from the nerves.  If the information it receives are signalling danger, the brain feels pain and responds accordingly.
  4. Danger signals from the nerves do not necessarily mean damage is occurring.
  5. When the nerves are pinched or bothered at any point along the nerve pathway, the entire nerve pathway signals are sensed as danger
  6. When the spinal cord itself is under strain or stress, all of the messages processed through it to the brain will be at a heightened sense of danger.

How do you implement the above points to help?

The above points can be simple…but also confusing and complex.  Especially to live and act according to them.  As mentioned above, Chiropractors are trained at implementing the above physiological science into practical action steps for our patients.  Many times our practical action steps involve adjusting the spine in order to reduce interference along the nerve system and then to also help encourage proper function.  Most of the contact points are done along the spine and pelvis, but some can be along the nerve pathways or mechanical pathways into the legs or arms.

A lot of the patient education and goals are aimed towards functional goals that help to point out successes in function, and not pain.  One example of why we do this as practitioners is that it is important to guide a person towards where they want to go and accomplish as opposed to constantly highlighting where they are.  The pain focus can unfortunately take up a person’s whole consciousness, leading them to not see any functional health improvements, life enjoyment, or quality of life aspects.

To learn more about applying Chiropractic thinking towards fibromyalgia challenges, connect with a Chiropractor, have your spine and nerve system analyzed, and then implement and try your hardest to understand the concepts.  I have found that the patients who are able to do this are able to have the best results and are the happiest, in spite of fibromyalgia.  You can also read more regarding these concepts, under a different topic at:

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Dr. Callum Peever – Chiropractor in Mississauga

Post-Partum Low Back Pain

Relief from Post-Partum Low Back Pain

A lot of effort and planning goes into a pregnancy, with the clear goal regarding the healthy birth of a new baby.  But when the baby arrives, the hard work doesn’t end.  Now there is a need that supersedes the mother’s own needs, the baby.  This post-partum period is a challenging time for all mothers.  Often times the mother is tired, drained of energy, and still healing from their pregnancy and delivery.  Unfortunately, 80% of women report low back and pelvic pain post-partum – with 7% of these pains being severe.

As a Chiropractor in Mississauga I often work with patients through their pregnancies and into their post-partum time as they recover and rebuild their bodies.  This is a very exciting time as many things change in the body and in the life of the new mother.  Fortunately, our health and wellness office is greatly able to help these mothers do their best through their pregnancies and deliveries.  Not only are our Chiropractors comfortable and great at working with a patient through their pregnancy and beyond, but so are our massage therapists and our Naturopathic doula team!

I was discussing with a Chiropractic colleague from the Womb in Milton regarding the post-partum time and the importance of Chiropractic care in helping a new mother’s spine and pelvis recover at its best, even with the new challenges.  We both agreed that their was enormous importance, but also that the mother often times puts herself last in the priority list.

Here is a case of Improved Health Outcomes in a Woman Experiencing Chronic Post-Partum Low Back Pain after Chiropractic care.

This mother unfortunately waited 3 years before seeking Chiropractic help after her c-section delivery.  Through the Chiropractic exam she was ‘twisted’ or ‘crooked’ at the pelvis or sacrum.  By addressing and adjusting this imbalance, the patient was able to get quick results.

Here is a case of Chronic Post-Partum Osteitis Pubis Managed with Chiropractic

This patient’s pelvis was very irritated during the pregnancy and delivery to the extent that the pubic bones in the front of the pelvis were extremely inflamed and painful.  This mother unfortunately even had difficulty walking due to the pelvic pain.   Fortunately, Chiropractic adjustments of her pelvis were able to help her recover and gain function again!   In the Chiropractic technique that I personally use to adjust, Activator Methods, we can adjust the pelvis from the back and/or the front in order to help correct the pelvic imbalance.

Keeping office visits effective and efficient for mothers

At our Mississauga location, we try our hardest to make the appointments as seamless as possible for all the patients.  The staff often times assists the mothers with the kids, the paperwork, and the doctors try their hardest to keep the appointments on time and moving smoothly.  One thing that helps new patients to our office is that our patient forms are located on the website, which prevents time in the office filling out forms and ‘juggling’ the baby!


Sports Chiropractor

Sports Chiropractor

My patients in Mississauga often comment to me that I am their sports Chiropractor.  These are some of their reasons and my take on how a Chiropractor can help a person in the sports world:

Patients say that they use sports chiropractors to help recover from sport injuries

Chiropractic is excellent at helping a patient recover well and heal from a sports injury.  Making sure your body is properly aligned from the ankle all the way to the skull will put your body in the best shape to heal.

Patients greatly appreciate Sports Chiropractic in training and preparing for tournaments, competitions, or races.

Chiropractic can greatly help a competitor become in tune with their body’s needs through the demands of training and competing.  Often times the Chiropractor can highlight which areas are having difficulty and need to be rested or addressed properly in training in order to avoid sports injuries!  Having your spine and nerve system at optimum health through Chiropractic can also help the competitor gain the competitive edge on race day! Taking the body’s performance from 95 to 100%.

Patients appreciate advice from Sports Chiropractors on their training as well!

Dr. Callum Peever and Dr. Ken Peever have been competing in many sports throughout their lives.  They have also helped countless athletes train, compete, and recover.  Because of this, these “Sports Chiropractors” have lots of advice to help you reach your optimum health.  Sometimes the advice is to push harder, sometimes to avoid overtraining, and sometimes to look into new avenues of sports health and performance too!

As a Chiropractor in Mississauga, I am very happy to help many people achieve their goals.  It is especially exciting to help athletes train towards a goal and to accomplish amazing athletic feats!  If you need a “Sports Chiropractor” in Mississauga, contact us!


Dr. Callum Peever

new year new you detox

Detox in Mississauga

Clean Eating and Detox in Mississauga

What is “Clean Eating”?

● Avoiding foods which promote inflammation in the body

● Some basic principles but ultimately it is different for each person

● Everyone has food sensitivities which are foods which promote inflammation in the body

See the slides from the Dr. Aisling Lanigan’s presentation on Clean Eating by downloading this pdf:



mississauga naturopath aisling lanigan presenting on clean eating
Dr. Aisling Lanigan presenting on Clean Eating

My 40 day (39 day) yoga challenge during Detox in Mississauga

Erin Mills Optimum Health New Year New You Detox image logo

I am in the midst of doing a 40 day yoga challenge–which is all about love. It took and continues to take a lot of effort and focus. I have 11 days left and see the progress that I have made. It is truly a transformative experience. It has been a perfect time to do this as we are moving from summer to Fall. This is also an ideal time to do a cleanse or detoxification. The yoga helps to transform and move old and toxic energy.
During this period, I had one of the busiest days of practice I’ve ever had in all of my 14 years! Later that evening I had a meeting with some colleagues. By the time I arrived home it was after 11 and I thought to myself, “If I really love myself, I will bypass the yoga tonight and get more sleep–which is what I REALLY need”.
So now I joke that I am doing a “39 day challenge”. I have no regrets that I missed that day of my detox.
Anyone who has ever been interested in doing a 40 yoga retreat or other type of retreat, I highly recommend it!
For more information on what you can do for change of season or detoxification, please contact us in Mississauga.
-Dr. Kirsten Almon – Naturopath in Mississauga

New Year New You Detox!

Ever wanted to do a detox or cleanse, but don’t know how to start?

Our office does group detox events yearly and would love to have you join!

What to expect?

There will be 3 meetings, 1/week led by our detoxification experts—our Naturopathic Doctors to inform you of what to eat, how you will be feeling and all the benefits that come with doing a cleanse.

100% of our participants our past programs had improved sleep and better energy. Most lost some weight, had clearer thinking and clearer skin.

Here is the 2015 pamphlet for previous details: New Year New You Detox EMOH Pamphlet 2015 with dates (PDF)

Contact the office for more details or keep reading.

(The Detox process is also done one on one with individual patients at any date)

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Ovarian Reserve and Fertility

Ovarian Reserve and Fertility

Is it taking too long for you to get pregnant but you don’t understand why?  Ovarian reserve is one assessment that can be done when other causes of infertility have been ruled out.
By testing FSH and AMH levels, this can give a good idea of what a woman is working with in terms of her supply of oocytes. The numbers steadily decline as women age.
Whether or not the numbers are average or low, our Mississauga Naturopathic Doctors can provide a plan to optimize the quality of the eggs therefore improving chances of conception and health baby to term.
Reduced egg quality can be due to smoking, endometriosis, pelvic radiation, chemotherapy and exposure to chemicals.
By supporting mitochondrial function and flooding the body in antioxidants and sometimes even doing a liver cleanse can help to optimize the ovarian reserve.
Call today if you would like these tests done!
Kirsten Almon ND