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90+ How I Got There title page

Living to 90 and Beyond

Living to 90 and Beyond

Below is a research case study of a man who was healthier at 85 years old than he was in his 70’s after receiving Chiropractic care!  Also there are excerpts from a great book by Dr. Giff title 90+ How I Got There.  Read, be inspired, and do something to get yourself to 90 and beyond.

Below is a case study of a gentleman that is healthier at 85 than he was in his 70’s after commiting to Chiropractic care.  He was able to walk and move with much greater coordination and ease.  He was also able to reduce much of his medication (of which he was taking 17 medications per day in his 70’s!).  Fortunately, this man found Chiropractic and is able to live well.  I hope that you can find Chiropractic before you turn 70 so that you can live to 90 and beyond well! – Here to help in Mississauga – Dr. Callum Peever

Improved Gait, Balance and Coordination in an 85-year-old Male Undergoing Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care: A Case Study


“Over the course of eight years and 250 [Chiropractic] adjustments the patient’s medical physicians told the patient that he was healthier while under chiropractic care. The patient experienced improvement in gait, balance stability, coordination, posture and reported an increase in strength in the lower extremities. He was now able to get himself in and out of a chair. In addition, the patient was able to reduce the amount of prescription and over the counter medication during this time.”

-the elderly patient was adjusted with both activator chiropractic adjustments as well as manual adjustments reverred to as diversified adjustments.

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Bad Balance Associated with Brain Damage and Decline

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