Reoccurring Back Problems

19 Sep

Reoccurring Back Problems

I heard from a chiropractic patient recently regarding a concern of their friends that if they had help from a Chiropractor the problem would reoccur. Unfortunately, it is more likely that the problem will reoccur if they don’t seek Chiropractic help.

Back problems happen for a reason and often will build up slowly over time until the spine can’t handle it anymore. With Chiropractic help we can adjust the spine into proper alignment and reduce any interference occurring on the spinal nerves. The body then has to heal, just as it would from any other injury or cut, which takes time. For reoccurring problems, the challenge then becomes to identify WHY your back is having problems adapting to your lifestyle.

We have seen many bad habits lead to reoccurring back problems in our Chiropractic patients, such as:

  • poor sitting posture
  • sleeping on your stomach
  • bad form when lifting, bending, sitting, standing
  • improper footwear
  • excess exercise
  • improper exercise
  • long driving
  • imbalance in activities
  • imbalance in spinal posture
  • chronic subluxation
  • ignoring warning signs from the body
  • inactivity

Once your spine is healing and aligned, the strategy is to keep it aligned, build its endurance to the challenges it faces, and to reduce the challenges you put it through. Reducing the challenges involves identify bad spinal habits and creating better spinal habits.

We can help you make your reoccurring lower back problems a thing of your past.

Here to help,

Dr. Callum Peever
Mississauga Chiropractic at Erin Mills Optimum Health

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