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Prenatal Course & HypnoBirthing Classes

HypnoBirthing Classes

Dr. Aisling and Dr. Almon, both Naturopathic Doctors and Doulas from Erin Mills Optimum Health have joined forces to create the Naturopathic Prenatal Course: Birth as a Journey. Through the attendance of many births, Dr. Aisling and Dr. Almon have witnessed the limitations of many of the traditional childbirth classes. They saw this as an opportunity to educate women and their partners on pregnancy, labour and life post-partum and to empower decision making and increase feelings of satisfaction surrounding childbirth.  This course encourages a deep state of relaxation to increase the ease and fulfillment of your birth experience.  You will learn breathing and visualization techniques that will help to increase hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins.  All of these will help to encourage a feeling of calm during the birth. Since attending HypnoBirths, Dr. Aisling and Dr. Almon have been amazed by what is possible for childbirth and they hope to share this with as many couples as possible.

The Naturopathic Prenatal Course is run quarterly one evening per week for four weeks and in condensed weekend sessions. The Naturopathic Prenatal Course also includes a follow up naturopathic visit after the course. For rates, schedule and further information please contact Erin Mills Optimum Health.

The next 5 week Naturopathic Prenatal Course at Erin Mills Optimum Health in Mississauga will be within the next month. Space is limited, so contact Erin Mills Optimum Health today!

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Beautiful Birth Story – from one of our Naturopathic patients

A patient shared her amazing birth story with me this week and has lovingly allowed me to pass it along to spread the word about how wonderful birth can be. After welcoming their first son River in a natural birth in a hospital just over a year ago, Hanna and Will decided on a home birth for round two. Thank you Hanna for sharing your beautiful birth experience. – Naturopathic Doctor Aisling Lanigan.

Naturopathic Prenatal Course

Kaiya’s Birth Announcement
“Our family would like to share the wonderful news that our daughter Kaiya Brooke came into our lives just before dawn on Sunday, March 15th at6:50am. Weighting 6 pounds 8 ounces, and 47 centimetres long. She was born at home, surrounded by family, and as the sun came up- it was pure bliss!

The Start
I actually began the early stages of labour shortly after attending a yoga class and pre-birth acupuncture session on Saturday morning. I was entering 38 weeks of pregnancy and had a sense baby was coming soon.

Entering Active Labour

I began active labour around 1:00am Sunday morning and called the midwives by 3:00am. Olivia, my midwife was surprised when she found I was already nearing 8 centimetres of dilation and entering transition. They had just arrived to our home and tried not to show their slight panic at setting everything up.

The lights were dimmed and the music was playing. My vocalizations grew deeper and louder with each beautiful surge. I slowly moved through various positions based on what felt right in the moment from being on all–fours, walking, standing and swaying, kneeling over the bed, lying on my side, and squatting. It felt so right just listening to what my body wanted to do and not have to follow any sort of instruction from the people around me.

Here Comes Baby

I loved being in a squat on the floor, and eventually that was the position I gave birth in. My arms were perched on my husband’s legs as he sat on the edge of our bed behind me.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”-Anais Nin This quote and the image of being a bud that was about to blossom crossed my mind. Images of opening up, surrendering, being rooted, and blooming filled my heart and mind. I thanked my uterus for holding my precious baby for nine months and said now it’s time for her to enter a new place…so release!

Never did I feel rushed; I just went with each wave and simply pushed which felt amazing. Then to everyone’s surprise as the bulge grew, they said the whole amniotic sac was still intact and baby was within it.

Between my squatting legs was this life that my hands grasped immediately. Her cry was unforgettable; almost like telling the world she made it through and was ready to make a lastly impression to all. Our son, River woke up in the next room to her cry and curiously push our bedroom door open to find his sister in my arms.”                                              – Hanna Faustino

 Introduction to Hypnobirthing

This is a wonderful video showcasing how amazing hypnobirthing is–this could be you!!

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