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Stay hydrated with this Natural Solution

8 Jun

We’ve come a long way in hydration from the Gatorade-days I remember playing soccer in mid-summer, temperatures around 35 degrees in full sun, guzzling down some bright orange gatorade. This was definitely the best choice at the time and far safer than plain water as it included the electrolytes I needed to replenish my working muscles. I also remember constantly attending my brother’s hockey games while growing up (3 in rep-how did my parents do…

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1 Jun

It’s BBQ Season!

It’s BBQ Season! This is a great side salad that pairs well with anything barbequed such as chicken breast, lamb spiedinis or a nice grass fed steak. It’s currently a favourite in my house! 1 kid approved. With the other one, I give him the ingredients separately with no dressing…

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25 May

Speeding the Healing

Speeding the Healing Raise your hand if you have busy little people to run after? This past weekend my little guy hurt his arm on the trampoline–the orthopedic doctor just shook his head. He said “Oh, you had me at trampoline”. We both laughed. That will be the end of…

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18 May

Flipping Babies

Flipping Babies Recently I have had the pleasure and honour to help a handful of mama’s whose babies are in a breech position. Historically, many obstetricians and midwives had the skill of delivering breech babies. Nowadays most if not all women in this position are destined to have a C-section. We are blessed…

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1 May

Hello Folks and Friends!

Some people have been complaining lately that they feel like Bill Murray–everyday is like Groundhog day! Whenever you can bring in something new into your day, it can really help your state of mind. Here are a couple of tips to ‘spice’ up your week: 1. Fresh OJ–what a nice way…

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27 Apr
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Allergies Sniffling? Sneezing? Foggy head? Itchy skin? As I’m sure you are aware, these are all signs of allergies! Allergy symptoms can pop up at various times of the year–in the Spring it can be due to mold or trees.  If you tend to suffer during one of these times,…

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