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Learn to Juggle with Dr. Callum Peever – Neuroplasticity

24 Apr
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Juggling and Neuroplasticity Lately I have been teaching patients how to juggle. Not only is it a fun way to pass some time and interact with new people, but it allows me a time to teach the patients about the importance of learning new complex tasks and brain development. Until recently it was believed that the brain was solid and unable to change. Fortunately for us, current research has shown that the brain does change…

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11 Apr
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Common Exercise Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them)

Common Exercise Mistakes Exercise is an important ritual that keeps you strong, healthy and ready to meet the challenges of everyday life. When approached and performed properly, exercise can help protect you from many kinds of health problems, everything from osteoporosis to high blood pressure to depression. It is easy…

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