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Shoveling Again in Mississauga

11 Feb
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The snow keeps coming in Mississauga this winter and discussions with patients turn to shoveling techniques in order to not injure their backs. The best advice I have for patients is to treat the shoveling as an exercise: Warm up, cool down, take breaks, drink water, and listen to your body. If you shovel properly you will be stronger because of it. If you shovel rushed with poor form you will most likely injure your back.…

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10 Feb

Shoulder Suggestions From Our Mississauga...

Shoulder problems? Here are some shoulder suggestions from our Mississauga Chiropractors! I constantly see patients who have shoulder pain and problems and have great success in helping their bodies naturally heal their frustrating shoulder injuries when they are under chiropractic care.  These are the suggestions that I frequently give patients. If the…

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3 Feb

Being Present

Master being present in your life. We are too often focused on the future – What we want and who we want to become. Make an effort to master being present – Focus on now and appreciate life as it happens. I make an effort to do this with my…

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