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What Is A Vertebral Subluxation?

12 Mar
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What is a Vertebral Subluxation? People often say that they have: “a pinched nerve” “slipped disc” “thrown out their back” “I don’t feel right” “bone out of place” “crooked back” “curved spine” “back spasm” “lumbago” “sciatica” “back pain” “pain in the neck” “kink in the neck” “kink in the back” “numbness in their arm” “numbness in their hand” “numbness in their foot” Subluxation is those things…and more! Definition of vertebral subluxation “Subluxation is a neurological…

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5 Mar

Autonomic Nervous System and Chiropractic

Chiropractic and the autonomic nervous system The brain controls the body’s ability to adapt Transcript from video of Dr. Peever speaking in Mississauga: Your body has a far greater ability to heal then you’re led to believe and the curious part that connects to this, it’s coordinated by your brain. …

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2 Mar
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Top 10 FAQ’s When Patients Call Our...

Top 10 FAQ’s When Patients Call Our Mississauga Wellness Office We get calls from the Mississauga and Oakville communities often as we are an established health and wellness clinic that has been in the same location, continuously growing, since 1977.  Below are some of the most frequent questions that people…

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