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Mothering The Mother With Doula Care In Mississauga

29 May
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Mothering The Mother With Doula Care In Mississauga   As a perinatal naturopathic doctors, we encourage the woman and her partner to become educated throughout the prenatal period regarding the many choices there are surrounding childbirth – primary caregiver, location, intervention, immediate post partum procedures and post partum care.  We can counsel the family in these decisions and educate the partner in ways in which he/she can best support the New Mom in pregnancy, labour…

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26 May
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Anterior Compartmental Syndrome Addressed By Our...

Anterior Compartmental Syndrome Addressed By Our Chiropodist In Mississauga A Patient presented to our chiropodist office in Mississauga with a diagnosis of Anterior Compartmental Syndrome, which they received from sports medicine doctors previously. The anterior compartmental syndrome was experienced by this patient as severe burning pain in the shins of…

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13 May

Long Weekend Checklist From Our Mississauga...

Warmer weather is here! FIngers are crossed for sunny mild long weekend coming up! Here is a check list of naturopathic tips you can use this weekend and when camping all summer. Enjoy! May 24 Weekend Checklist from our Naturopaths in Mississauga   BUG REPELLANT: info on DEET (destroys mosquito netting,…

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12 May

Sitting Bad For Your Back And Health

Prolonged sitting is not good for your back – or your health. A new study (2015) in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that “Prolonged sedentary time was independently associated with deleterious health outcomes regardless of physical activity.” ‘Regardless of physical activity’ means that even if you are exercising one-hour…

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11 May
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Naturopathic Medicine Week in Mississauga

May 11-17 is Naturopathic Medicine Week If you are curious about how Naturopathic Medicine can help you, connect to one of our Naturopathic doctors in Mississauga for a complimentary consulatation during Naturopathic Medicine Week (May 11-17th, 2015). Our mississauga naturopathic doctors can help you change your health and: Change your…

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