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Bladdder Problems? Chiropractic can help?

15 Dec
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Chiropractic has helped people with bladder problems? Have you noticed lately how the sale of adult diapers have skyrocketed? What is going on? The marketing ploys are amazing using athletes as wearers making them look great while performing their sport while using  diapers. There is also efforts on trying  to make this a fashion statement and part of a normal trend. Bladder leaking or peeing your pants IS NOT NORMAL!! Although there are conditions that…

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1 Dec

Resolution Of Neck Pain, Numbness, And Frozen...

This case study is of a 67 year old man who was suffering with neck pain, arm numbness, and a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis).  The neck pain and right arm numbness had been there for 2 years and the left shoulder had been frozen for 20 years.  This Chiropractic patient…

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