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Negative Thinking, Substance P And Healing With Chiropractic

26 Jan
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Most people know in this day and age that positive thinking is good for your health. As a chiropractor in Mississauga I see this in my wellness office every day. Patients who have a positive outlook respond better and faster than those who are more pessimistic – with negative thinking. One of the reasons for that is when a person has a positive thought certain nice physical changes occur in their bodies prompted by a…

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19 Jan

What Is The Most Important Part Of Your Body?

We learn a lot about the Heart in grade school, but that’s not the most important part of your body! It is actually your Brain and the Nerve System. Your brain and nerve system controls and coordinates everything in your body.  It is the master control system in your body. …

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5 Jan

Grow Your Brain – Video From Mississauga...

Is your brain growing or shrinking? Dr. Callum Peever presented to Goodness Me Mississauga on the topic of growing your brain – neuroplasticity.  He goes through practical ways that you can grow … or shrink your brain.  The video below is small part from the health talk which was titled: “Grow Your Brain”.  To learn more connect with Dr. Peever at the office! Transcript from the Grow your Brain video: Grow your brain.How do you grow our brain?How do we shrink our brain?At the end of this talk you want to have some practical knowledge.Is your brain growing or shrinking? I remember learning in school…

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