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Morton’s Neuroma helped with Chiropractic services

26 Jul
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Morton’s Neuroma helped with Chiropractic Services Morton’s Neuroma is a painful condition of the foot that commonly affects the 3rd and 4th toes.  There is usually pain, numbness, tingling and swelling in the foot at the 3rd and 4th toes.  The problem is aggravated by bad footwear and activity.  It is thought that repetitive strain on the nerves in the feet, improper footwear, and flat feet are contributing factors.  This is a case where Chiropractic services were able to help…

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13 Jul

Younger Next Year Book Report by Mississauga...

Younger Next Year book report by Mississauga Chiropractor Younger Next Year puts you in the perspective of Chris who is applying the information from his Medical Doctor Henry towards becoming “Younger Next Year”. Chris is starting his 60’s and has a choice to make, does he care enough to put in…

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