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Medicine in the Kitchen

23 Aug
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Medicine in the Kitchen – Herbs and Spices with therapeutic properties We have an abundance of medicine in our kitchen cupboards.  Herbs & Spices that we use serve more than culinary aroma, colour & taste. They also act as medicine and contain therapeutic properties. The information is here for you to learn more and to implement these herbs and spices into your life!   THE THERAPEUTIC USES OF CULINARY SPICES AND HERBS Here is an…

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15 Aug

Vertigo in Mississauga

Vertigo in Mississauga Vertigo is a very disabling complaint that we see often as Chiropractors in Mississauga.  Often times patients will be accompanied with a family member to the office because of how severely disabling the condition can be.  The patients will often say that they are “dizzy”.  Dizziness is a…

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