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Sports Chiropractor

29 Jan
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Sports Chiropractor My patients in Mississauga often comment to me that I am their sports Chiropractor.  These are some of their reasons and my take on how a Chiropractor can help a person in the sports world: Patients say that they use ‘sports chiropractors’ to help recover from sport injuries Chiropractic is excellent at helping a patient recover well and heal from a sports injury.  Making sure your body is properly aligned from the ankle all the way to the skull will put your body in the best shape to heal. Patients greatly appreciate Sports Chiropractic in training and preparing for tournaments, competitions, or races. Chiropractic can greatly help a competitor become in tune with their body’s needs through the demands of training and competing. …

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15 Jan

Coping with Chronic Pain Naturally

Coping with Chronic Pain Naturally There are many options for treating chronic pain in Naturopathic Medicine which can include herbal anti-inflammatories like turmeric and boswellia as well as homeopathics and topical creams and oils. In our Mississauga Naturopathic office we also encourage meditation and mindfulness techniques.  Below is a video that you may like to incorporate as you learn to address your chronic pain. Check out this youtube like if you would like to learn a mindfulness approach to chronic pain and discomfort in your body: The author of this audio script is Jon Kabat Zinn–a very well known educator on meditation. He is a…

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6 Jan

Detox in Mississauga

Clean Eating and Detox in Mississauga What is “Clean Eating”? ● Avoiding foods which promote inflammation in the body ● Some basic principles but ultimately it is different for each person ● Everyone has food sensitivities which are foods which promote inflammation in the body See the slides from the Dr.…

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5 Jan

Ovarian Reserve and Fertility

Ovarian Reserve and Fertility Is it taking too long for you to get pregnant but you don’t understand why?  Ovarian reserve is one assessment that can be done when other causes of infertility have been ruled out. By testing FSH and AMH levels, this can give a good idea of…

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2 Jan
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Starting a New Workout? Tips to avoid back pain

Starting a new workout? Our Chiropractors can help you stick with it. Throughout the year many of my patients start new workouts.  I love the excitement and energy that a patient has when they approach  new workouts and try new things.  Not only is it personally building for them, but I also believe that in life you need something to be excited about. These new workouts can be challenging for the body and do create an opportunity for the body to adapt and become stronger!  However, they also create an opportunity for your body to become injured and weaker as a result.  I highly suggest getting…

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