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Post-Partum Low Back Pain

26 Feb
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Relief from Post-Partum Low Back Pain A lot of effort and planning goes into a pregnancy, with the clear goal regarding the healthy birth of a new baby.  But when the baby arrives, the hard work doesn’t end.  Now there is a need that supersedes the mother’s own needs, the baby.  This post-partum period is a challenging time for all mothers.  Often times the mother is tired, drained of energy, and still healing from their pregnancy and delivery.  Unfortunately, 80% of women report low back and pelvic pain post-partum – with 7% of these pains being severe. As a Chiropractor in Mississauga I often work with patients through their pregnancies and into their post-partum time as they recover and rebuild their bodies.  This is a…

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12 Feb

Naturopathic Medicine and a Child’s Development

Naturopathic Medicine and a Child’s Development For any of you parents out there,  we are talking about play today and how important it is for kids and a way to connect with children. This book is fantastic: Playful parenting by Cohen There are many jewels of information in this easy and fun read. It’s one of those books you can read a few pages, put it down and come back to it. Any video or book from Joseph Chilton Pearce An educator on children’s minds and heart development. He is able to communicate on children’s development with research in a very matter-of-fact way. Two videos…

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