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Optimizing Insemination and IVF with Acupuncture

15 Aug
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Optimizing Insemination and IVF with Acupuncture We see many women and couples who work with assisted reproductive clinics in their journey towards getting pregnant. What we want for all of our patients who are in this process is to optimize their DNA and Qi:  As a Naturopathic Doctor, I help with this through the use of supplements and herbs for the DNA and acupuncture for the patient’s Qi. How does Acupuncture optimize the IVF process? Acupuncture optimizes this process via the following: *  Enhances blood flow to nourish the developing follicles *  Supports the estrogen and progesterone phases of the cycle *  Is instrumental in keeping stress hormones low so that they do not interfere with reproductive hormones *  Optimize conception *  helps to prevent…

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13 Aug

Recovering from an Ankle Sprain

Recovering from an Ankle Sprain Spraining your ankle can hurt and take a long time to heal.   The first step is to rest.  Then you have to gently move the ankle and get some weight back onto it.  After that, people often forget one of the most important parts or recovering from an ankle sprain. What is the most overlooked exercise when recovering from an ankle sprain? Balancing! When you sprain your ankle, your rip the fibres of the ligaments that hold the bones together.  This hurts! But you also rip and ruin the nerves that are part of that ligament.  Because of this, your…

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