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Chiropractic acrostic poem

29 Jan
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CHIROPRACTIC acrostic poem Care for the Whole BodyHealthy way to optimize livingInnate wisdom of the body to heal fromthe inside, outRespect for the bodyOptimum Health is the Clinics MottoPositive and Healthy resultsRealize your potentialActivator & Manual AdjustmentsCompassionate DoctorsTeach about the value of ChiropracticInspire others about healthy healingChiropractic Written by Heather Peever

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28 Jan

The best shoulder exercise

The best shoulder exercise is one of the most simple ones – simple rotation. The goal of this shoulder exercise is to keep the motion in your shoulder joint (glenohumeral), coordinate the rotator cuff muscles, and improve your shoulder blade positioning – all while not irritating the shoulder. This exercise…

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25 Jan
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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that is today practiced as a graceful form of exercise. The series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner helps with improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility. What are the health benefits of Tai Chi? Some of the health benefits include alleviating…

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18 Jan

Suffering from old injuries

Old injuries can play a painful role in our futures.  Unfortunately, the injury has happened – that can’t be erased.  Time continues forward and life continues on.  The body may have completely healed from this injury or it may not have.  Regardless, the brain has experienced this and has now…

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14 Jan

Vertigo, Neck Pain, and Headaches

How are vertigo, neck pain, and headaches related? Vertigo, neck pain, and headaches are all symptoms that can be experienced after neck injuries. These symptoms can remain for years after the injury. The upper neck is very sensitive and has many important roles to play in the body. When the…

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11 Jan

Brain Exercises from Peking

This information was shared to me by a Chiropractic patient in our office who enjoyed our writing, including our “Grow your brain” information. The link he shared was in Chinese, but some web browsers (including Google Chrome) will translate it for you. I brought information here with some of my…

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