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The Green Diaper Bag

27 Jul
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The Green Diaper Bag Calling all pregnant women and mom’s of wee ones! It can all be a blur when trying to prepare for the arrival of your baby–getting the nursery ready, winding down with work and preparing for the labour. Sometimes acquiring the most eco-friendly items for your baby’s room or even the diaper bag might not be on the your radar. Here are my top 5 eco-friendly Naturopathic Doctor approved items for your…

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22 Jul

Naturopathic First Aid Kit

Naturopathic First Aid Kit–don’t leave home without it! Happy mid-July! With everyone in full-fledged summer mode–going to the cottage, out on the hiking trails and water sports it’s nice to carry along one of my favourite little kits–my Naturopathic First Aid kit! I’ll list my top 4–you can slowly acquire…

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