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Tips For New Mamas

21 Oct
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Tips for New Mamas   Attention new mamas or mamas with new babes! First of all– congrats on the new addition to the family. Having a little baby is wonderful but also can be a bit of a whirlwind. Mastering the art of breastfeeding, struggling with lack of sleep, adjusting to life in general can be overwhelming to say the least. Many times the health and well being of mama can go down the list…

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20 Oct

The Unsung Hero – Lymphatic System

The Unsung Hero – Lymphatic System What is the lymphatic system and is it worth knowing about? The answer–absolutely! The lymphatic system is like the unsung hero of your body and here are the details: Your lymph, like your blood vessels, runs all over your body. It plays a very important…

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18 Oct

Super Babies

Super Babies For you couples out there who are thinking of having a baby, what do you envision for your baby’s future? Nobel prize winner? NFL superstar? Healthy, happy and able-bodied until they’re 99?  Let me tell you the secret of success–it all starts with preconception support. When couples come…

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14 Oct

Activator Institute VT Virtual Training

Activator Methods International recently released the Activator Institute VT or Virtual Training through Lightspeed. I was given an opportunity to explore the virtual training in preparation for instructing at the upcoming Toronto Activator seminar in November 2019. Here are some screenshots of the Activator Institute VT course: I greatly enjoyed…

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14 Oct
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My feet have been hurting

My Feet Have Been Hurting Patients often complain of foot pain to us in our Mississauga health clinic.  It is a common complaint that can take a lot of effort to correct. Why are my feet hurting? Often times their is an overuse or improper use component to the feet…

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13 Oct

Weekend breakfast idea

Weekend breakfast idea On Saturday mornings at my house, my husband gets up early with the kids and they make a big breakfast. Fresh farm eggs, butcher bacon and usually pancakes! All of those aromas coupled with the smell of fresh coffee is a wonderful way to wake up–as opposed…

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