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Fit and Fine in February

22 Feb
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Fit and Fine In February How to feel your best when the odds are against you. It’s ‘lockdown’, the kids just went back to school but you can’t quite get it together. “Me time” seems like something of the past…. I have to be honest, I felt like I hit a wall after Ground Hog day.  I couldn’t really put a finger on it, but I just felt blah. Mid-month I did something I’ve never done before…

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20 Feb

Post Partum Boosters

Post Partum Boosters After having a baby, and especially in the winter, it can feel a tad overwhelming. Recently I had a patient share with me that at 8 weeks postpartum they moved their family along with a toddler, without any help due to Covid. That was a lot to…

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17 Feb

Naturopathic Snack Cookie

Naturopathic Snack Cookie This is an oldie but a goodie! Naturopathic cookies from my days as a student. They’re full of gems and a great after school or work snack. Let me know what you think! Naturopathic Cookies ½ cup butter (organic, unsalted) or substitute with coconut oil ½ cup…

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3 Feb

Superbowl Snacks

Superbowl Snacks Growing up in a house with 3 football playing brothers and parents who were football fans meant that the Superbowl was definitely on the tube every year, without question. It was fun to throw the pigskin around then watch the pre-game commentary. I could follow the game as…

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