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Shoulder Suggestions From Our Mississauga...

Posted By On 10 Feb 2015

I constantly see patients who have shoulder pain and problems and have great success in helping their bodies naturally heal their frustrating shoulder injuries when they are under chiropractic care. Read More

Dr. Cote asks: What is Chiropractic to you?

Posted By On 05 Nov 2014

Dr. Cote is interested to find out what people know about chiropractic. Give it your best shot and we'll discuss further. Or ask your questions if you don't know. This is meant to be informative and interesting. Read More

Carpal Tunnel and Headaches

Posted By On 24 Jun 2014

Pressure on your nerves is not good for you. It presents differently in many people but commonly is seen as headaches and problems through the wrists and hands. Dr. Peever discusses this with the CDI college students in this video. Read More

Chiropactic for Mid-Back Pain

Posted By On 02 Aug 2012

When people think of Chiropractors, most think of treatments for lower back pain. Read More

Chiropractic from Head to Toe: NECK PAIN

Posted By On 10 May 2012

HOT OFF THE PRESS - Recent news results in the same conclusions as the old news: Chiropractic is the most effective tool for neck pain! Read More

Children and Chronic Pain

Posted By On 06 Mar 2012

Your Chiropractor will confirm that chronic pain is a widespread but often under-reported health problem.  Its impact on society is enormous. In the US alone, the costs are approaching $600 billion annually (healthcare and lost productivity). Read More

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