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Ditch the Pad – Pelvic Floor Help

18 Jan
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Ditch the Pads Can’t squeeze when you sneeze? Did these symptoms come up after having a baby or babies? Even if this was YEARS ago? You are not alone!! It is all too common for women to tell me that they’re experiencing pelvic floor issues after having kids (some even having symptoms without giving birth). Yes, it is common–but this does not have to be the case for the rest of your life. There is…

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6 Jan

Happy New Year Folks

Happy New Year Folks! Thanks to all our loyal readers and feedback! Love to hear what you are thinking and what you would like to learn more about. So far you have requested: More sleep tips–especially for little ones Information on the vagus nerve and how it relates to fertility…

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2 Dec

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas I’ve collected some ideas for Christmas which I hope you will enjoy. It’s a variety of holiday gift and craft suggestions that families can all do in time for the holidays. My goal is to keep costs low and keep the fun metre high! Let us…

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27 Oct

The Scratch That Itches

The Scratch That Itches Your skin is a very good indicator of what is going on inside. With eczema, most doctors will prescribe a cream to help to stop the itching and redness. While this is sometimes needed in an acute situation, it is not a good long-term solution. Cortisone cream…

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20 Oct

The Unsung Hero – Lymphatic System

The Unsung Hero – Lymphatic System What is the lymphatic system and is it worth knowing about? The answer–absolutely! The lymphatic system is like the unsung hero of your body and here are the details: Your lymph, like your blood vessels, runs all over your body. It plays a very important…

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18 Oct

Super Babies

Super Babies For you couples out there who are thinking of having a baby, what do you envision for your baby’s future? Nobel prize winner? NFL superstar? Healthy, happy and able-bodied until they’re 99?  Let me tell you the secret of success–it all starts with preconception support. When couples come…

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