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Best Exercise For Back Pain

7 Apr
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Patients at my Chiropractic clinic in Mississauga often ask for the best exercise they can do for their back pain and to get a healthy back. WALK. Walking is the first thing I have my patients who are experiencing back pain do when they ask what they can do at home.   Don’t walk like Frankenstein with a stiff body and arms. Instead, walk smoothly and within your tolerance level building up your walking distance slowly.…

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1 Apr

The Power of the Mind

The Power of the Mind Sometimes when I’m working with patients, they will tell me that nothing seems to work for them. They react negatively to all supplements. It’s as if something is working against them. At these times, I often think about whether their unconscious mind is working for…

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25 Mar

Kids in the Kitchen

With kids being home for an extra 2 weeks, it’s the perfect opportunity to do some home-schooling in the kitchen! The little ones can practice their ‘happy birthday’ handwashing, roll up their sleeves and pull out the stools to stand on around the kitchen counter. This particular recipe comes from…

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6 Mar

Herbal Spotlight – Chamomile

Herbal Spotlight Let’s talk about a herb that has strengths in the following domains: Heals the gut (protects from ulcers) When stepped as a tea, can be used as a mouthwash for gingivitis Is an antioxidant, antispasmodic and is anti-inflammatory Can you guess? It’s Chamomile! Generally considered a very safe herb* for both adults and kids,…

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9 Feb

What Does Health Allow You To Accomplish

What does health allow you to accomplish? Your health allows you to do many things. From play with kids or grand-children to put on your own socks.  Being healthy allows you to play sports with friends, help father’s shingle roofs, carry groceries, and walk through the park.  Your health allows you…

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27 Jan
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Report on Improvement in neck and hypothyroidism...

Report on Improvement in neck and hypothyroidism with chiropractic care Improvement in Cervical curve and Hypothyroidism following reduction of subluxation utilizing chiropractic biophysics: A case study and Selective review of the literature. Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research December 2015 by Dr. David Bak and Dr. Ryan Engelhardt This is one…

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