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School Ready

5 Aug
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School Ready! How is everyone feeling about the re-opening of school in September? Some say it will be good for their child because they experience anxiety and the more they’re away from school, the worse it will get. Others have kids with asthma or other immune issues and are worried. Here are some key tips to help you get ready for school: 1. Enjoy the summer–There’s a fine line with being prepared along with living in the…

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27 Jul

The Green Diaper Bag

The Green Diaper Bag Calling all pregnant women and mom’s of wee ones! It can all be a blur when trying to prepare for the arrival of your baby–getting the nursery ready, winding down with work and preparing for the labour. Sometimes acquiring the most eco-friendly items for your baby’s…

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29 Jun

The Perfect Summer Salad

The Perfect Summer Salad Looking for a go-to summer salad that’s easy and quick to make and a crowd-favourite? Look no further! I made this summer salad recently and it was a big hit! Paired very well with barbecued lamb and turkey burgers. Ingredients for the perfect summer salad   1 organic…

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25 Jun

The Relaxation Response

This is a picture from a recent New York Times article. Anybody at home look like this?! As we get into summer months, it will really be business as usual, much like it has been for the last 3 months with the exception of remote learning and lack of camps. So my question to all the parents out there: How are you doing? How is your stress level? Your sense of wellbeing? What have you done for yourself lately? Treatments such as acupuncture have been shown to decrease stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline leaving you feeling calm and cool.  Acupuncture Blocks Stress Hormones…

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15 Jun

Books for the Mamas-to-be

Best Books for Mamas-to-be A popular question that my pregnant patients have is, “what are some good books to read”? Information is power and I love to steer my mamas into acquiring the best information that will both inspire and educate them. Here are my top 5 books for the mamas-to-be:…

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8 Jun

Attention All Preggers

Attention All Preggers Everyone wants healthy happy babies when they are pregnant. All of my mommies are very motivated and excellent at taking their nutrients through food, safe herbs and supplements. I love going over their nutrition notes to help optimize their diet so both mom and baby (on the…

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