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Hormones in Men

18 Nov
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Hormones in Men? I had a patient come see me the other day at my Naturopathic clinic in Mississauga.  I was very impressed with his desire to take the “bull by the horns” and get his health in check. In the visit as I often do, I started to draw a picture of how hormones and health are related and that based on his age, his testosterone levels may need to be checked. I said,…

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11 Nov

Perseverance Towards Pregnancy

Perseverance Towards Pregnancy Sometimes it takes effort and perseverance to get what you want. And other times, it’s the surrendering that is the most powerful action that yields results. I find that when working with someone who wants to get pregnant, it’s the latter of these 2 phrases that can often…

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6 Nov

Green Grocery Shopper

Green Grocery Shopper Many of you are now more conscious when it comes to choices when doing the grocery shopping. B.Y.O.B. has taken on a greater meaning–Bring Your Own Bag! Some others are all for being more eco-conscious, but when it comes right down to the details, forget that there…

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23 Oct

Elder-licious! Elderberry Syrup

Elder-licious! Did you know that elderberries have been found to be effective in clinical trials against the flu virus? It’s the “little berry that could”. The study is titled Anti-influenza activity of elderberry (Sambucus nigra) and is published in the Journal of Functional Foods in March 2019.  The study’s abstract…

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21 Oct


Over the weekend we (Dr. Ken Peever and Dr. Callum Peever) refreshed on our CPR and First Aid skills with a group of great Chiropractors.  We were able to host the training at our Chiropractic centre in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health. We refreshed on the 30:2 compressions of CPR for adults, children and infants.  We re-learned how to save someone who was choking with 5 thrusts to the back and 5 thrusts using the heimlich maneuver. We also learned first aid approaches to cuts, wounds, burns, broken bones, and weather dependant injuries.  Heart attacks, strokes, and diabetic emergencies were also reviewed and practiced.…

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20 May
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Do you have a Birth Doula?

Navigating your pregnancy and labour options may seem overwhelming, but working with an experienced Naturopathic Doctor and Birth Doula may be the right choice for you. Why have a Naturopathic Birth Doula? Naturopathic Doctors are trained, licensed healthcare professionals with specialized training in childbirth and perinatal care. Licensed in the…

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