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How to pick a Doula for your birth

24 Apr
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Taking the time to pick a doula for your birth is an important step in building the team you want to be present at your labour. Here are some tips and ideas from ‘babylist’ on what you can ask your Naturopathic doula when you meet: After all is said and done, how you feel during and after the meet-and-greet is just as important as the answers to all of the questions. For instance: Was the…

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1 Apr

Naturopathic Treatments for Babies with Eczema

As a Naturopathic Doctor in Mississauga I have many mothers asking me what the best creams or salves are for their baby’s dry skin. Sometimes the baby’s dry skin is due to harsh weather and other times it is eczema. What is eczema? Eczema is a skin condition typically related…

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27 Mar

A Doulas role before, during and after birth.

Our Mississauga Naturopathic Doulas would like to share this video with you that showcases what a doula’s role is and how they can help before, during, and after birth. The video is by Penny Simkin who has over 40 years experience in helping women and their partners in labour. She’s written many books and has a ton of experience.This is a video on what a doula’s role is and how she helps before, during and after birth.  A doula is a wonderful support that all women should have for their labours. For more information on labour preparation, birth and postpartum support please contact us today…

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25 Mar
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RMT Swedish Massage

If you are looking for a full-body relaxational massage treatment then Swedish Massage is for you. This form of therapy is known as “the best-known type of bodywork performed today”, with the primary goal of the technique focusing on relaxing the entire body. In your appointment your Registered Massage Therapists…

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22 Feb
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Are You On Solid Foundation?

Are You On Solid Foundation? Some people are not aware of the importance and relationship of good balanced foot function to the rest of their body’s. A good balanced foot makes up a solid foundation for the body. This educational article is a short summary of the body and foot…

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11 Feb

Chiropractic help after back surgery

We work with many patients in our Chiropractic center in Mississauga who have previously had spinal surgeries. The techniques and locations that are adjusted change depending on the patient’s history and previous surgery. Below is the abstract of a case study and review of the literature from 2019 highlighting the…

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