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Change of Season Soup

13 Oct
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Change of season soup This is like bone broth–but supersizing it! It’s a great immune supporter and a delicious nourishing soup for those cooler days that we are embarking on. If you are vegetarian or vegan-take out the chicken and the herbs from the change of season¬†mix will help build your qi. Here is the ingredients for chicken stock that you can use as a base to make any and all soups: Ingredients: 1 whole…

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28 Sep

Exercise in your life

“When I exercise I wear all black. It’s like I’m going to a funeral…for my fat.” – Anonymous Incorporating exercise when you have little ones can be less than easy. In your “former life” i.e. life before kids, you may have been a gym rat or a runner down the…

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15 Sep
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A great after school snack

A great after school snack For all of you parents out there, I don’t know about you but when the bell rings and my kids come out of school the first thing they say is not, “mommy I love you and missed you” it’s “do you have a snack?” So…

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22 Jul

Naturopathic First Aid Kit

Naturopathic First Aid Kit–don’t leave home without it! Happy mid-July! With everyone in full-fledged summer mode–going to the cottage, out on the hiking trails and water sports it’s nice to carry along one of my favourite little kits–my Naturopathic First Aid kit! I’ll list my top 4–you can slowly acquire…

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13 May

Spring Cleaning Detox

Spring Cleaning Detox Spring is the perfect time of the year to do a cleanse or detox. This can look like many different things–a 3 week cleanse¬†with food elimination, taking herbs and writing in a journal to adding certain foods that help activate the liver for 3 days. The question…

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27 Apr

What’s for Dinner Tonight?

What’s for Dinner Tonight? A question I ask myself everyday–what do I feel like eating? With little kids it’s not always easy to create something delicious that EVERYONE likes… But I have the solution–sauces! I can dress up my meal and make it tasty while giving the kids something more…

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