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Best Exercise For Back Pain

7 Apr
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Patients at my Chiropractic clinic in Mississauga often ask for the best exercise they can do for their back pain and to get a healthy back. WALK. Walking is the first thing I have my patients who are experiencing back pain do when they ask what they can do at home.   Don’t walk like Frankenstein with a stiff body and arms. Instead, walk smoothly and within your tolerance level building up your walking distance slowly.…

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2 Apr

Creating smarter babies in 2020

Creating smarter babies in 2020 A very interesting and alarming study was done on cell phone use in pregnant and postpartum mom’s and the effect on children. While there are always other factors that can play a role, the results of the study showed that compared to mother’s who didn’t…

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1 Apr

Stress Busters

Stress Busters Five finger breathing–this is a great simple exercise for everyone in the family. It helps to do this 1-2 times/day to keep cortisol levels in check and allow for serotonin to soar. My kids taught me this one! Enjoy For more information on how to keep you and…

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25 Mar

A Fresh Perspective

A Fresh Perspective “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” – Marcel Proust This is a great exercise I often ask my patients to do when we are in a visit. I call it the “Balance Circle”. It’s a tool to…

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24 Mar

Let’s not be nearsighted on this issue

Here below is a great article on increased screen time and it’s connection with myopia-otherwise known as nearsightedness. You may or may not have been aware of this nearsighted condition and an initial response may be -“what’s the issue with that?” The issue with myopia is that it significantly increases…

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20 Mar

Potty Talk

Potty Talk Yes we are talking about it and you don’t have to blush—a question I ask all of my patients, “How are your bowel movements?” Some people start by saying, ‘normal’. I ask what that means. The answers varies from 1x/day to 1x/week(!) Truth be told, it is ideal…

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