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Calling all postpartum moms-time to kegel

20 Jan
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Calling all Postpartum Moms…Time to Kegel There has been much more talk about the fitness of the pelvic floor in the last few years and how it relates to many issues from constipation to weak abdominal muscles. Most postpartum moms have been told that it is a good idea to do pelvic floor exercises–but the question is how many do them on a consistent basis? Everyday? Here are some tips when it comes to doing the ‘kegel’ for your pelvic floor: 1. When you breathe in, relax your pelvic floor 2. When you breathe out, that is when you do the ‘elevator lift up’ movement with the perineum (or pelvic floor) 3. Aim to do between 50-100/day What has been working for me is that…

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10 Jan

An Alternative to Road Roage

An alternative to road rage There is nothing worse than taking your regular route home and all of a sudden traffic comes to a standstill. Is there an accident? New construction? Is there a lane that has been closed? All of these questions will be answered eventually, but what happens…

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24 Dec

The most important mineral for sleep

The most important mineral for sleep One of the most deficient minerals in North Americans is found in these vegetables: kale, spinach, salmon, brown rice, raspberries, chlorella. Raise your hand if your kids like and regularly eat one of these foods…. If your hands are still resting by your side,…

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17 Dec

Kids and sleep-Part deux

Kids and sleep-Part deux In my recent blog about sleep I talked about the wonder of ‘hot laundry’. For those of you who tried it and it worked, Bravo! For those who need something a little fancier, I’m with you and following up! So about 1/2 hour before sleep, after the little ones…

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28 Nov

Never mind counting sheep

Never mind counting sheep It’s an old family trick to help kids sleep and has a very good success rate. Hot laundry.   Yes, it’s that simple as long as you have a functioning dryer and a blanket. Picture this, you’re in your bed trying to relax but your feet…

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13 Nov

How does ice relate to iron deficiency?

Let there be ice! How does ice relate to iron deficiency?  Our Mississauga Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kirsten Almon, shares a story from her childhood about how iron deficiency relates to ice. Growing up we never had ice in our freezer. Don’t get me wrong, we had ice cube trays, but…

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