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Never mind counting sheep

28 Nov
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Never mind counting sheep It’s an old family trick to help kids sleep and has a very good success rate. Hot laundry.   Yes, it’s that simple as long as you have a functioning dryer and a blanket. Picture this, you’re in your bed trying to relax but your feet and pillow are cold. You shift around and wiggle your toes trying to create some friction but it’s just not doing the trick. Enter the…

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13 Nov

How does ice relate to iron deficiency?

Let there be ice! How does ice relate to iron deficiency?  Our Mississauga Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kirsten Almon, shares a story from her childhood about how iron deficiency relates to ice. Growing up we never had ice in our freezer. Don’t get me wrong, we had ice cube trays, but…

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23 Oct

Elder-licious! Elderberry Syrup

Elder-licious! Did you know that elderberries have been found to be effective in clinical trials against the flu virus? It’s the “little berry that could”. The study is titled Anti-influenza activity of elderberry (Sambucus nigra) and is published in the Journal of Functional Foods in March 2019.  The study’s abstract…

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20 Sep

Delicious School Lunches discussed by Mississauga...

It’s a big “mom-win” when kids like AND eat all of their school lunch at pick up time from school! When children are able to eat balanced meals (including protein and avoiding artificial colours and flavours), they have abundant energy, can focus in class and feel grounded (not anxious). These…

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25 Jun

Feeling the ‘heat’ on your overdue due date?

For most pregnant women, their baby’s do not arrive on their expected due date or are overdue. This can make the mom to be begin to feel the ‘heat’. The ‘heat’ can be pressure from their own expectations and medical expectations as well as from family and friends. There can…

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19 Jun

Memories of South America Salad

Naturopathic Doctor Approved RecipeThis Memories of South America Salad is a fantastic salad paired with some bbq’d veggies and bison burgers!This dish is bursting with fresh flavours and will not disappoint!Let us know if you enjoyed it. Great for the patio or at the cottage. MEMORIES OF SOUTH AMERICA SALAD 1 can of black beans—rinsed1 cup of cooked non-GMO corn2 mangos—chopped into big pieces2 avocados—chopped into big pieces6-10 medium cooked *shrimp (cooled)3 tablespoons of flax oilJuice from 2 limessalt and pepper to taste Combine above “dry” ingredients. Whisk lime juice, flax oil, salt and pepper. Pour liquid over everything and gently stir and serve! Delicious!…

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