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Activator Institute VT Virtual Training

16 Sep

Activator Methods International recently released the Activator Institute VT or Virtual Training through Lightspeed. I was given an opportunity to explore the virtual training in preparation for instructing at the upcoming Toronto Activator seminar in November 2019.

Here are some screenshots of the Activator Institute VT course:

I greatly enjoyed the videos to demonstrate the proper isolation tests and lines of drive. This is definitely an improvement from learning in a textbook and is a great adjunct to the in person seminars. The quizes keep you engaged while adding an extra challenge for learning.

I have been exploring the course during my breaks at my Mississauga office and have found it enjoyable refine my testing skills and explore more advanced tests of the extremities. I could imagine that this training would be very effective in a school environment when combined with technique lab training on leg length analysis.

It is noticeable that a lot of effort was put into this virtual training course. It will definitely increase the ability for Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique to be even more reproducible around the World by other Chiropractors. I have even heard that the training has been translated into 5 languages already.

If you are looking to explore the Activator technique, I would highly suggest checking out a seminar near you, mentoring with another Chiropractor who is practicing using the Activator Methods protocol, read the Activator Method textbook, and using this virtual training course. With so many ways to learn the technique, your ability to absorb the material, understand it, and implement the technique clinically and effectively will be great!

Congratulations to AMI on implementing the Activator Institute VT,

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