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Sciatica Improved with Chiropractic

13 Dec

Sciatica Improved with Chiropractic

The case presented in the 2016 research study below resulted in the improvement of a person suffering with sciatica down both legs!

Read excerpts from the research study below.

picture from WolfBlur / Pixabay

Improvement of Bilateral Sciatica Utilizing the Pierce Results System to Reduce Subluxation: A Case Study and Review of the Literature


“A 77-year-old male patient presented to a private chiropractic practice with a complaint of bilateral sciatica after being involved in an automobile accident one-year prior. The sciatica pain was significant and prevented the patient from walking on his own for more than four steps at a time. The patient reported comorbidities of diabetes, depression and constipation. He had never been to a chiropractor before this visit.”


“The examination resulted in the diagnosis of lumbalgia, cervicalgia, thoracalgia, lumbosacral nerve root disorder and sciatica.”


“After 11 visits spanning 1 ½ months, the patient was re-examined. Symptomatically, the patient stated that his sciatica pain was significantly reduced. He also reported moderately less pain and more endurance while walking.”

This patient suffered for almost 1 year before he sought chiropractic care for his back problem.  Within 1.5 months, this patient was in less pain and was walking with much greater efficiency!  Imagine if he hadn’t waited so long to seek chiropractic care!
-Dr. Callum Peever, Chiropractor in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health


“The case presented in this study resulted in structural correction of the sacrum and its positional relationship with the lower lumbar vertebrae. There was also evidence of autonomic nervous system regulation as shown via improved thermography scans. Kinematic and articular biomechanical improvements were identified using videofluoroscopy, and sciatica symptoms were markedly reduced.”

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