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Pats on the back for the parents

26 Mar

Pats on the back for the parents

Kudos and ‘high fives’ to all the parents out there feeling the pressure of teaching there little ones some lessons while keeping a level head.

We had our own challenges today-I knew my daughter was ‘hangry’ but she didn’t want anything to eat. At the same time I was asking her to start doing her math and she was totally against it. Okay, I’ll admit my timing wasn’t the best…

So, I escaped to my room (Cuba would’ve been a nice alternate! haha) and took a 5 minute breather. Came back out and had the idea that everyday not only would I be homeschooling them, but there were be time for the tables to turn, they could homeschool me as well. They loved this idea–then she ate her almonds and sandwich and we were all happier for it.

So, tomorrow I will (finally) make a Monday to Friday agenda so that we can have some structure and rhythm to our days ahead.

My message for all of you parents out there– Yes these times are tough and yes, you are doing the best you can. It’s okay if there are times you feel overwhelmed, annoyed or frustrated–believe me, I’ve had my fair share!  But know you are in good company and try to have a laugh here and there because it really helps to break the tension. Bathroom humour is definitely appropriate here!

Take care,

Kirsten Almon ND, Cht.

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