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Books for the Mamas-to-be

15 Jun

Best Books for Mamas-to-be

A popular question that my pregnant patients have is,

“what are some good books to read”?

Information is power and I love to steer my mamas into acquiring the best information that will both inspire and educate them.

Here are my top 5 books for the mamas-to-be:

  1. Birth without violence by Leboyer.  Not a very well known book but gives a unique perspective on the process of birth which incorporates the infant’s point of view.
  2. Birthing from Within by England and Horowitz. This is a must read for those  that want to tap into their resources so that their birth experience is empowering.
  3. Birth and Breastfeeding by Michel Odent.  Written by an OB and home birth advocate, he hilights the cocktail of love hormones that are released when women are in labour and other basic and essentials of what women need during labour
  4. Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin. Grassroots midwife Ina May reminds us that the ways in which women experience birth have implications for us all.
  5. The Birth Partner by Simkin. Internationally renowned doula Penny Simkin gives her amazing tips on how to support women physically and emotionally. A must have for all the husbands and partners.Books to the Mamas to beThese also make great gifts for a new mama!

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