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Calling All Pregnant Ladies

21 Sep

Calling all pregnant ladies!

The preparation for labour is a very important one . Consider a marathon–when one is training there is a running and cross training schedule to optimize strength, speed and avoid injury. It can take months to train for this.

The same can be said for ‘training’ for labour. Some of the core concepts include:

  1.  Learning breathing exercises: deep breathing can decrease CO2 which helps to decrease anxiety, and increase O2 for circulating to baby.
  2.  Practicing relaxation: can you actually relax or are there areas in your body that remain tense (i.e. jaw, neck, glutes).
  3.  Imagery: imaging in your mind’s eye, a flower blossoming or a balloon expanding can help the body to open and be ready for baby’s arrival.

A good way to start practicing is to do 10 deep breaths upon waking and again before bed. While breathing, focus on relaxing every muscle in your body.

Kirsten Almon ND, CHt

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