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Flipping Babies

18 May

Flipping Babies

Recently I have had the pleasure and honour to help a handful of mama’s whose babies are in a breech position.

Historically, many obstetricians and midwives had the skill of delivering breech babies. Nowadays most if not all women in this position are destined to have a C-section.
We are blessed to have this surgical intervention and the doctors who perform this procedure. It can be life saving.
In saying this, there are therapies that can help turn babies such that they turn from breech to head down. This helps moms to then have the opportunity to have a low risk vaginal birth and help to speed their recovery postpartum.
Here are 3 of the best kept secrets of how to flip a babe:
1. Moxabustion: by taking a stick of mugwort (looks like a stick of charcoal), lighting the end and warming specific acupuncture points, this helps to facilitate baby to move to the head down vertex position. Sound like magic? There have been studies to prove this time-tested treatment.
2. Homeopathy: a gentle and effective modality that is safe to administer to pregnant women. With the right remedy, it can help nudge baby to the best position for birth.
3. Hypnotherapy: Picture this, you have mama resting, her head back, eyes closed. In this state she is guided to do a body scan to check in on her pelvic floor muscles, uterus and baby to see if there’s anything they need in order to facilitate a safe entry of baby into the world. I have to say, every time I do this I am always amazed at what comes up for moms. It can be extremely effective.

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