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Healing Power of Nature

15 Dec

The Healing Power of Nature

I have had a cold for the past week—vitamins, fish oil and herbs such as hyssop, licorice and elderberry have been my friends as I was supporting the healing power of nature.

But last night the cold took a turn for the worst–I developed a wet cough and ear infection. I don’t remember ever having ear infections as a child. The pain was exquisite, I couldn’t sleep!

Desperate, I took an advil to help the pain–it did nothing! Then, my husband and Naturopathic Doctor, Doug Andrews suggested I do warming socks (this is a type of hydrotherapy using cold water on cotton socks then wool dry socks over top). Within minutes, the pain and throbbing sensation in my ear disappeared and I floated into a deep sleep.

This morning I am feeling much better, though I am still coughing and have some sinus congestion. I just got adjusted my one of our fantastic Chiropractors. The adjustment is helping drain my sinus and I feel even more relief as nature continued to work its wonders.

This whole experience has reminded me again how amazing our nature is at healing when the body is given the right support!

In health,

Kirsten Almon ND, Doula in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health

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