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New Technology Creates New Illnesses

17 Jan

New Technology Creates New Illnesses

Have you ever heard of BlackBerry Thumb? What about Cell Phone Elbow? Acute Wii-itis? They are new health problems related to new technology – and the tendency of humans to get carried away playing with their new toys.

Any time we engage in repetitive activities, there is the danger of wear and tear on the body. Muscles, nerves and other soft tissues are organized in multiple layers under the skin. When nerves fire and muscles contract, movement occurs. But where there is movement, there is the potential for friction. Too much friction can increase the possibility of damage, inflammation and dysfunction.

People who like to play video games for extended periods of time are not typically the ones with athletic builds. And they do not usually possess the most optimal combination of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

However, the advent of these new motion-sensitive controllers encourages armchair athletes playing the sports. Given the number of individuals participating in these virtual sport games, it is not surprising your Chiropractor sees an increasing number of acute injuries like Wii-itis.

Thankfully, Chiropractors are well-trained to deal with almost any musculoskeletal disorders that result from cell phone, texting or video game usage.  Chiropractic adjustments are very effective at treating conditions of the spine and the extremities.

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