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Perseverance Towards Pregnancy

11 Nov

Perseverance Towards Pregnancy

Sometimes it takes effort and perseverance to get what you want.

And other times, it’s the surrendering that is the most powerful action that yields results.

I find that when working with someone who wants to get pregnant, it’s the latter of these 2 phrases that can often make the biggest difference.

I have a patient at my naturopathic clinic in Mississauga who has been trying for to get pregnant for about a year. Recently she got my name from a close friend and decided to give it a shot. With this woman’s permission I am able to share this story.

I would describe this wonderful woman as one who has a strong work ethic, a big heart and very family oriented. We’ve been doing weekly acupuncture, herbs, and improvements to her diet.

At one of our visits at the clinic she shared that she had  just visited 2 of her best friends, each of whom have 2 children. While they were chatting all she could think of was, this is so unfair! How can they have kids and me none! That’s it! I’ve had it!

She had a good cry and felt somewhat relaxed afterwards.

Fast forward to our last visit, she came in looking radiant. She is pregnant! She is over the moon. She said she attributes it to giving herself some space to grieve at what she did not have and to surrender to that. She also thought that the acupuncture and other things we did helped too.

I think it was the surrender that was the biggest piece.

Keep up the hope!

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