Resolution of Palsy in Baby Following Chiropractic

15 Mar
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Resolution of Erb-Duchenne Palsy in a 5-month-old Female Following Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care

Below are excerpts from a 2016 research article in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, and Family Health titled; “Resolution of Erb-Duchenne Palsy in a 5-month-old Female Following Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care”.

Our Chiropractic assistant in Mississauga was amazed at this chiropractic research article and wanted to share it with our patients.  She remembers seeing birth trauma during a vacuum extraction and was able to relate to this story.  She was amazed at how quickly the baby responded to Chiropractic care.

“Erb-Duchenne Palsy, the paralysis results from forceful downward tractioning of the arm during delivery and results in damage to the C5-C7 nerve roots. The infant at birth presents with internal rotation and adduction of the shoulder with the elbow extended and the wrist flexed while hand function is preserved. ”

“In many cases, patients recover with little in the way of remaining deficit but it is equally certain that in some cases, the patients do not recover.”

“Patients turn to alternative therapies for their children due to chronic and recurrent conditions, concerns about safety of medications and the risks associated with surgery or as an adjunct to medical care. Of the various practitioner-based alternative therapies, chiropractic continues to be popular and highly utilized by adults and their children.”

“5-month-old female with Erb-Duchenne Palsy”

“On the first visit, L4, C1, and T2 subluxations were adjusted with Modified Diversified technique along with myofascial release of the soft tissue elements around the patient’s right radial head.”

“On the second visit, the assessment demonstrated a slight improvement in abduction of the right arm and only a left meningeal stretch was performed. During the third visit the patient demonstrated overall improvement in passive ROM of the right arm.”

“On the 7th visit, the patient demonstrated considerable improvement in ROM and observed to actively reach for toys with her right arm.”

“Nine and a half weeks passed since the patient’s initial consultation with full resolution of the symptoms in the right arm.”

“Vacuum extraction is a prominent risk factor for [birth palsy]”

“The theoretical and clinical framework in the care if this infant was based on the position that the restoration of biomechanical dysfunctions in the cervical and thoracic spine through chiropractic adjustments along with meningeal tension could facilitate restoration of normal function in the brachial plexus.”

“The infant received adjustments characterized as sustained contact “touch and hold” appropriate for the child’s size and unique biomechanical features.”


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