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The Easter Bunny IS coming to town

8 Apr

The Easter Bunny IS coming to town

Hello all!

I’m not going to lie–amidst all of this chaos and the start of e-learning today, Easter is totally sneaking up on me!

I’ve been thinking about what this usually means for our family, and how it will be this year.

Usually we get together with our families, go to church, have a nice dinner or brunch or both and do an Easter egg hunt. One year we did it lakeside, another we managed to hide some in the park just a few metres up from where the kids were looking. It was great fun.

This year will be different, but I still want it to be special.

I listened to a great vlog by Caroline Myss. She said that we all  need the grace of endurance to get through this time. After I listened to her, I felt a great sense of relaxation and hope and was able to start planning for the weekend–what we would eat, what surprises we could do for the kids (yes the Bunny is coming and there will be an egg hunt!), who we could chat with remotely etc

Here is her video, and below is the link to her webpage.

I want to give you a word today that is pure grace. (Video)

In the meantime, keep your spirits up and know that there is a place in you that has this endurance.

Happy Easter to all!

Kirsten Almon ND

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