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The Green Diaper Bag

27 Jul

The Green Diaper Bag

Calling all pregnant women and mom’s of wee ones!

It can all be a blur when trying to prepare for the arrival of your baby–getting the nursery ready, winding down with work and preparing for the labour. Sometimes acquiring the most eco-friendly items for your baby’s room or even the diaper bag might not be on the your radar.

Here are my top 5 eco-friendly Naturopathic Doctor approved items for your green diaper bag and baby’s room:

1.  Biodegradable wipes: just because it says it’s ‘flushable’ does not make it biodegradable. There is a significant number of brands that contain plastic which is not ideal for our baby’s future. Best to start or switch brands that are biodegradable. One of my favourites is Aleva. They work well and biodegrade in 28-30 days!

2. Organic cotton face cloths: these are a great option for tubby time as well as to use on baby’s bottom with diaper changes instead of wipes.

3.  BumGenius diapers: your baby will be the cutest on the block with these colourful diapers. Using reusable diapers significantly reduces landfill. I used this brand with my little ones and they worked very well! It’s also nice to have a small ‘dry bag’ to put wet diapers in when you are out and about.

4.  Diaper cream: one of my favourite creams is by Weleda. They have a commitment to sustainability of herbs and biodynamic farming practices. Their calendula line is wonderful.

5.  Skip Hop Go Envi Diaper bag: This sporty bag has many compartments to fit everything and is made from recycled plastic bottles!

If anyone is asking about what they can get you for your baby shower, these are some great options!

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