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A Fresh Perspective

25 Mar

A Fresh Perspective

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” – Marcel Proust
This is a great exercise I often ask my patients to do when we are in a visit. I call it the “Balance Circle”. It’s a tool to assess how balanced you are in various areas of your life and how these contribute to your health.
balance circle
For example, one is called ‘physical environment’ – this is with respect to your home and work environment. If you were renovating or had a ‘toxic’ environment at work you would only fill this out 10-20% full. Alternatively, if you home and work environments were clean and healthy, you could fill it the pie 80-100% full.
So the idea is you look at all of the pieces of the pie and fill them in from the centre outwards. At the end you see how balanced you are from one to the next. It also becomes quite obviously which areas in your life need more attention and focus.
I had a patient do this recently and realize that she had made absolutely no time or effort into having fun in her schedule. Life is too short not to get out and have a good time! She agreed that the lack of recreation influenced her overall wellness and quality of life.
Usually when I bring out my prescription pad I am writing reminders about supplements, new recipes or dietary advice…this time however it was a reminder to schedule in some fun!
How is your “Balance Circle”?
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