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Common Foot Issues – Bunions

14 Feb

Common Foot Issues – Bunions

Our friendly Mississauga Chiropodist, Kiran Dave, works with many common foot issues, such as Bunions.  Here he discusses what they are as well as their cause and treatment.  If you have more questions or need to investigate further, he will be happy to investigate your foot problem with you.

What are bunions?

  • Most commonly found in the female gender, but also seen in males.
  • Appears as a hard lump at the great toe joint with a misaligned big toe.
  • Bunions are progressive and can cause discomfort, especially in a bad shoe, like a pump.
  • Bunions also lead to hammertoes and clawed toes.

What is the cause of bunions?

The cause of a common foot issue like a bunion can be poor biomechanical function, hereditary and poor footwear.  Consult with our Mississauga foot specialist to investigate what is causing your foot issue.

What are the treatments for bunions?

The preferred treatment for bunions, which is most successful, is prescription orthotics. It is non invasive, simple and effective with good footwear.

Surgery can also be performed to correct the problem, but it is not the first recommended option.

For more information related to your common foot issues schedule a consultation with Kiran Dave.

Chiropodist Foot Care Specialist

2 responses to “Common Foot Issues – Bunions”

  1. Can a Chiropractor help adjust the bones in my foot? I have bunions and recently purchased orthotics. I figured an adjust may help reverse the bunion ?!

    • Chiropractors can adjust the joints of the feet and ankles which can help improve the mechanics of the foot, including bunions, along with orthotics.